Kylie Johnson - San Francisco, CA:

I love this straightener! I have very thick and curly hair and when I use my Bibasque Belle Femme flat iron my hair is smooth and silky straight! This flat iron is my second one in 4 years and I am supremely satisfied with this straightener than I ever was with my previous ones. I would definitely recommend!

Annie Garcia - Phoenix, AZ:

This is my first time using a clipless curling iron and it has amazing results! The Rouleaux 32mm always leaves my hair looking great with no crease! Purchasing this hair tool was a great decision I made!

Grace Tyler - New York, NY :

I'm officially a fan of Bibasque Hair Tools... I purchased the Bijou Noir Titanium flat iron and I love it! The flat iron always leaves my hair smooth and with no frizz!